Biostatic Antimicrobial Coatings

Simple to use liquid coating that wipes or sprays on almost any surface, hard or soft. Invesil gives your facility protection from not only Covid-19, but almost any germ or bacteria known to man with a variety of additional benefits.  

The unique Invesil formula contains patent pending Trion technology that imparts the coated surface an optimum broad spectrum antimicrobial protection.  Presence of Zirconium, Tantalum and Silver gives a cutting edge to the product.


No other commercial product contains silver in ionic as well as nanoparticles format for a longer lasting effect.  Trion nanoparticles are distributed uniformly at the nanoscopic level that creates incessant sanitized surface for invasive pathogens.  Invesil is a biostatic coating, so no worries of superbugs due to ions leaching out of coated surfaces.

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Used and Recommended by:

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Invesil Coating is useful in every high traffic area

you can imagine from Government facilities to 

your household kitchen. 

Safety is our primary concern and our mission

is to help your guests, patients, and customers

feel confident when they enter your

place of business.

Real World Applications. Real Fast.

Mechanical Analysis on INVESIL

•Taber Abrasion Testing

—0.038 g loss at 1500 cycles

•Mandrel Bend Testing

—4.87% elongation

•Impact Resistance Testing –Direct

—Cracks in the coating at 110 inchpounds direct impact.Substrate breakthrough at 120 inchpounds

•Impact Resistance Testing –Indirect

—No cracks up to 120 inchpounds indirect impact, but substrate breakthrough at 110 to 120 inch pounds

•Volatile Testing

—65.80% volatile (mostly VOC exempted solvent)

•Adhesion Testing -ASTM D3359

—Adhesion rating of 5B

•Nanoindentation Testing

—Hardness: Higher than 0.19 GPa; Modulus: 2.47 GPa

—Pencil Hardness: Beyond measuring values

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